About us

We have been in the South African talent management industry for over 25 years and are continually expanding and progressing in the digital age. 

Managing talent typically requires significant investment in resources and capacity, however our solutions will enable you to ‘stay lean’ and focus on core activities. 

Continuous research and innovation ensures our solutions are continually evolving.

Mckinsey Global Institute research suggests that businesses deploying digital talent management platforms to their full potential could increase output, reduce employee related costs, and add to profit margins. 

Our solutions are technology enabled, promoting a culture of continuous improvement. We constantly engage with ‘best practice’ experts from around the globe to shape and refine our solutions, and our technology partners are international leaders in their fields. 

The result is solutions that blend local knowledge and experience with international modality in talent management.

Group companies: www.mentovision.co.za   www.teneoschool.co.za